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DM-Cine is a multiplayer deathmatch map for Unreal Tournament 3 created for World of Level Design 'Winter Challenge 2011'. The challenge was to create a map that would recreate a building given in the reference photo with a winter theme as well.

I decided to go for the urban environment presented in the photo below.

Photo credit Lodewijk van den Broe. Click to view original on Flickr.

Using the provided image as a visual guide I tried to accurately recreate the scale, shape and feel of the entire structure. The key details of the original building along with materials also had to be recreated.

I made the front of the building the focal point of the map, placing the most desirable powerup high in the window and making it accessible by a jump pad. This resulted in fun vertical gameplay situations and some spectacular air frags similar to those in Quake 3 q3dm6. Apart from that, players are encouraged to move between interior and exterior by using side alleys and corridors.