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Last Stand is a custom made single player map for Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood that features survival mode gameplay scenario. The player has to protect three supply crates while being attacked by wave after wave of incoming enemies.

Due to a lot of emphasis on random script triggering the map offers high replay value. As a result each playthrough of the map is slightly different in terms of enemy spawning, bonus weapon placement etc. The player is encouraged to try again if he fails or just to get a better score next time.

The first levels of Last Stand are the introduction to the idea behind this survival mode map. First three levels start by explosion of one of the three gates. The gate is where the enemies will enter the town. At the start the player is only dealing with enemies attacking from one side of the town, then two sides and finally three sides. This is where the difficulty and challenge ramps up. Again, due to random scripts the gates blow up in random order each time you play the map.

After each gate blows up, the enemies will use it to enter the town.

In terms of layout I wanted the map to offer many navigation options that would allow the player to quickly move between supply crate areas. Because the player is expected to disarm dynamite planted on the supply crates, each crate has to be easily accessible from any point of the map, that is why each crate area offers at least three entry points. What is more, the player is encouraged to explore the map vertically by going onto rooftops. Rooftops are a good vantage point, but also make the player more exposed to enemy fire. All these layout principals were fitted into Mexican town art style, that I wanted to look as if it was actually inhabited by people.

There are multiple paths that the player can take to reach supply crates.
Rooftops offer good vantage point. Be careful, enemies can use them too.

There are four different enemy types attacking the player in Last Stand, each with a unique color scheme. Generic bandits are the most common one, they only drop their weapon when killed. Bomb planting enemies, wearing red outfits, are those who move towards the supply crates to plant dynamite, so they are always the priority. Professionals, who wear black, use two weapons at the same time, thus making them a tougher opponent. Bomb planting enemies and professionals drop ammo boxes, so if the player is short on ammo, these guys are the ones to go for. Lastly, there are also snipers, who spawn on rooftops.

Four enemy types seen in Last Stand: bomb planter, generic bandit, professional and sniper.

The map was created in ChromEd using already made art assets that shipped with PC version of Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood. Using those exisiting assets, I created the level layout and it's look, created the terrain, set up level lighting, created intro cutscene, laid out enemy spawn points and enemy path nodes, set up enemy behaviour and created multiple scripts that involve recursive enemy spawning, weapon spawning, scoring and wave start/end triggering.

In terms of lighting I wanted to go for desert sunset look, not seen in Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood or any of the community made maps.

You can watch gameplay video below.