Mine - Level Design Test - Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood - ChromEd

This short Mine level section is a result of a level design test I was asked to do for recruitment purposes. The task was to create a section of a level that would provide the player with 5 minutes of gameplay based around shooting.

In this short level the player travels down into a canyon, where the shootout takes place. Afterwards the player has to find out a way into the mine.

I like to add a sense of reason to the environments I create, to make them more believeable, therefore I thought of adding a little puzzle to the environment that would fit the theme and context. The puzzle itself also gives the player a little bit of time off from the shooting. Once the player is done with initial gunfight, player is faced with a simple use the switch puzzle. When player uses the switch, the mine cart moves down the track, smashes through the blocked mine entrance and exit point is revealed. Then some more enemies are spawned.

I wanted the player to notice the mine entrance as soon as player enters the area and assiociate it with the place on the map where the player has to go.
Mine cart tracks guide the player between mine entrance and the mine cart.
Bottom of the canyon, in front of mine entrance, where the shooting takes place.

The video below shows how the puzzle works.