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Contact Information: Name: Lukasz Bogaj E-mail: WWW: Twitter:

Career Goal: To translate my passion for games into building fun, enjoyable and memorable game levels and missions. To constantly improve my skills, take on exciting challenges and learn from other team members and games industry professionals.

Summary: Able to design, build and script levels in iterative manner, from basic layout or concept to publishable version Able to test levels / missions to break them and fix encountered bugs Self motivated and focused to always deliver best possible results

Game Industry Experience: July 2011 - Present: Mission Scripter, Rockstar North Jan 2009 - July 2011: QA Game Tester, Rockstar Lincoln Games I have worked on: Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars PSP, Grand Theft Auto IV Episodes from Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Max Payne 3.

Education: 2007 - 2008: MSc Digital Media Production, Coventry University 2003 - 2007: MSc Computer Science, Technical University of Lodz

Software Knowledge ChromEd: Very Good UnrealEd: Good 3D Studio Max: Good Photoshop: Good Visual Studio: Good

Programming/Scripting Knowledge C++: Good C#: Good UnrealScript: Basic Kismet: Basic HLSL: Basic HTML/CSS: Good JavaScript: Basic

Languages: English: Fluent German: Basic Polish: Mother tongue